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Good morning MARMAM readers.

We would like to urge those interested that registration for the  
workshop "TNASS-SNESSA-CODA Surveys Review" that they do so as soon as  
possible.  We are planning for refreshments and need to complete the  
order very soon.  As background, here is the workshop description text  
as posted on the SMM workshop web site:

The TNASS (Trans North Atlantic Sightings Survey), Southern New  
England to Scotian Shelf Abundance (SNESSA), and Cetacean Offshore  
Distribution and Abundance (CODA) surveys were large-scale  
international efforts to assess the abundance and distribution of  
various marine megafauna in many regions of the north Atlantic.  These  
surveys were conducted in the summer and fall of 2007, and their  
effort collectively facilitates the first pan-Atlantic estimation of  
distribution and abundance for a number of marine mammal species, many  
of which exhibit transboundary migrations.
Prior to the TNASS, the North Atlantic Sightings Surveys (NASS) were  
coordinated international surveys carried out using aircraft and  
vessel platforms.  The NASS surveys were incomplete for the north  
Atlantic area by not having coverage in adjacent Canadian waters.  The  
discontinuity is all the more striking since the National Marine  
Fisheries Service in the United States also conducted complementary  
surveys to the south of Atlantic Canada at the same time as the NASS.   
Further effort to the southeast of the TNASS studies in 2007 was the  
CODA survey of the western European shelf.
This workshop will provide participants an overview of the rationale,  
methods, analytical approach, and results (with many anecdotes!) from  
the TNASS survey, along with summary presentations describing the  
results of the SNESSA, and CODA surveys as well.  Workshop attendees  
will be invited to comment and contribute to further analysis and  
interpretation.  It is planned that a report will be created from  
these deliberations that will summarize and perhaps integrate the  
results of the three surveys, and provide suggestions and solutions  
for further analyses and future surveys at similar scales.
During the full-day workshop coffee, tea, and water will be available  
for attendees during the morning and afternoon breaks.
Date: October 10, 2009
Time: 0830 - 1700 (registration starts at 0800; the workshop may end  
earlier if all topics are covered quickly)
Location: Quebec City Conference Center RM 206A (conference location)
Cost: $15 Canadian Funds

Registration cost will include morning and afternoon coffee at the  
workshop. Payment will be by cash or check at the door.

Space IS limited so please register early.  If you are interested in  
the workshop or have any questions please email me at the address  
below (minus the embedded spaces).

We hope to see you there.

best regards,    Jack

Dr. Jack Lawson
Marine Mammals Section
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
St. John's, NL
Canada   A1C 5X1
(709) 772-2285     (709) 772-4105 (FAX)
Jack.Lawson at dfo-mpo.gc.ca

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