[MARMAM] Last Call for Posters and Registration for Monk Seal Workshop at 18th Biennial Conference - Deadline Sept. 24

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Sun Sep 20 22:45:21 PDT 2009

Aloha Marmam Readers-

We would like to announce the last call for registering for the Research,
Management Conservation, and Policy in Monk Seal Recovery: A Global
Perspective workshop taking place before the18th Biennial Conference on the
Biology of Marine Mammals.  The deadline for workshop attendance and poster
submission is Thursday, September 24.

The workshop will allow conference participants to learn about the different
ecological, sociological and political aspects of monk seal recovery.  Monk
seal experts will give presentations on a number of topics including
conservation genetics, disease research and prevention, impacts of climate
change, and enhancement activities. Much of the discussion will focus on
current research and management gaps to encourage collaborations and future
research/management plans between workshop participants. We invite anyone
that might be interested in endangered species research and management,
collaborating on future projects, or curious about the plight of these two
species to attend.

The tentative agenda includes the following:

Presentations on the biology and ecology of, and threats to, each species.

Special Topic 1: Conservation Genetics in the Endangered Monk Seals

Special Topic 2: Monk Seal Health and Disease: Threats, Research,
Surveillance and Prevention of Disease Outbreaks

Special Topic 3:  Human and Seal Interactions: Fisheries, problem behavior,
and public perception.

Special Topic 4:  Translocation, captive care and other techniques to
enhance survival and manage monk seals.

Topic 5: Climate Change and monk seals:  Conserving into the future

There will also be a poster session during lunch that will cover a wide
variety of topics.

Date: October 10, 2009

Time: 830 - 5pm (registration starts at 8 AM)

Location: Quebec City Conference Center RM 207 (conference location)

Cost: $40 US

Registration cost will include morning and afternoon coffee and lunch at the
workshop. Payment will be by cash or US check at the door.

Space IS limited due to room size so please register early.

If you are interested in the workshop or have any questions please email us
at: monachusworkshop @ gmail.com

This is the last call for poster submissions for the workshop.  If you have
a poster that you feel would be relevant to this workshop (monk seal related
or a technique that could be valuable for monk seal research or management)
please let us know no later than Thursday September 24.

Hope to see you there.

Charles Littnan, Alexandros Karamanlidis, Pablo Fernandez de Larrinoa,
and Lisa Van Atta.
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