[MARMAM] OBIS-SEAMAP Workshop at SMM Biennial: No Fee

Lucie Hazen ljhazen at duke.edu
Sun Sep 13 21:02:55 PDT 2009

In order to open the door to all interested parties, we have eliminated the
registration fee for this workshop, Introduction to OBIS-SEAMAP, an online
portal for visualizing marine mammal observations.  We welcome anyone
interested in this unique online data center to register on the conference
website and join us.


Date: October 11th

Time: 1:00-5:00 PM

Room 208B

Link to Workshop: Intro
=342:introduction-to-obis-seamap&catid=918:workshops>  to OBIS-SEAMAP


OBIS-SEAMAP (http://seamap.env.duke.edu/) is an open access data center for
marine mammal, sea bird and sea turtle observations, the primary purpose of
which is to encourage collaborations and improve the understanding of these
species by making it easy to share and visualize biogeographic data with
advanced mapping and query tools.  We are rapidly adding published datasets,
developing new tools and adding functionality to better serve the research
and management communities.  Benefits include an off-site archiving service,
multi-faceted visualization of your data and increased visibility of your
research program while data providers retain ownership of their data.  The
event, useful for both data providers and users, will include sections
focusing on visual survey data, as well as integrating photo-ID and acoustic
data. You are invited to participate as potential data providers and/or
users of OBIS-SEAMAP. 


Lucie Hazen

Duke University

ljhazen at duke.edu


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