[MARMAM] Call for posters for Quebec Monk seal workshop

Monk Seal monachusworkshop at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 02:36:03 PDT 2009

Dear Marmam Readers

As previously announced on Marmam, before the 18th Biennial Conference in
Quebec, the following workshop will take place: “Research, Management
Conservation, and Policy in Monk Seal Recovery: A Global Perspective”. This
workshop will provide a unique opportunity for members from the various
Hawaiian and Mediterranean monk seal programs to come together with some of
the greatest minds in the marine mammal field to discuss and share their
knowledge, forge new ideas, and develop critical plans and partnerships.

During this workshop a poster session will be held. If you have a poster
that you feel would be relevant to this workshop (monk seal related or a
technique that could be valuable for monk seal research or management)
please submit an abstract (Max. 300 words) the latest by Sept 30.

Please email us at: MonachusWorkshop at gmail.com

<MonachusWorkshop at gmail.com>

Hope to see you there.

Charles Littnan, Alexandros Karamanlidis, Pablo Fernandez de Larrinoa, and
Lisa Van Atta.
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