[MARMAM] CRE Brasil Asks IWC to Consider New Report on Threats to Brazilian Marine Mammals.

Scott Slaughter Slaughter at mbsdc.com
Wed Sep 9 09:39:22 PDT 2009


The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness Brasil has asked the
International Whaling Commission to review and support the
recommendations of a Field Guide that was prepared by the Petrobras
Research and Development Center (CENPES/Petrobras), and the Marine
Mammal Studies Group in the Lagos Region (GEMM-Lagos).  This Field Guide
is entitled Whales, River Dolphins, and Dolphins in the Campos Basin.
The Field Guide concludes that "pollution, ship traffic, and fishing
constitute the main threats to the survival and the continuation of
these species." It also recommends that all of the Brazilian Abrolhos
Bank be designated as critical habitat for Humpback Whales.


The Field Guide's lead individual author, Professor Salvatore Siciliano,
stated in an interview that pollution is "by far" the biggest current
threat to Brazil's marine mammals. Professor Siciliano further stated
that he doesn't think that oil and gas exploration and production in the
area poses a significant threat to marine mammals because "everything is
done with the greatest care."


CRE Brasil's letter to the IWC and a white paper on the Field Guide are
found online at the Ocean Zoning IPD at


The Field Guide is available online at


CRE invites comments on these documents.  Comments may be submitted on
CRE's Discussion Forum, which is available online at



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