[MARMAM] Atypical pigmentation on harbour porpoise

OCEAMM oceamm at orange.fr
Thu Sep 3 13:28:29 PDT 2009

Dear Marmam and ECS subscribers,

You will find enclosed some photos (not very good quality) of a  
harbour porpoise spotted off Dunkirk (north of France) last week. The  
animal was sighted during a base-land survey with 3 other foraging  
The animal presents an unusual pattern : white body, excepted a dark  
spot around the blow-hole, dark dorsal fin, tail and flippers.
Could you please let me know if this kind of atypical pigmentation has  
ever been sighted before on an harbour porpoise ?
Photos can be seen on our web site : http://web.mac.com/OCEAMM/english/blognews/files/archive-aug-2009.html

Looking forward to your answers.
Best regards,

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