[MARMAM] Manatee Volunteer Opportunity in Belize!

Caryn Self-Sullivan caryns at sirenian.org
Thu Sep 3 06:23:43 PDT 2009

Here's you opportunity to help rehab an orphaned manatee in Belize!  See 
email below and links for more information. 
I've posted a PDF about Twiglet, the orphan manatee in Belize, online at 
I've posted the Application Form online at 
If you have questions, PLEASE DO NOT reply to this email!   
Read all the information below and linked above, then contact Zoe Walker at 
office at wildtracksbelize.org if you have specific questions ;-) 


From: Wildtracks [mailto:office at wildtracksbelize.org] 
Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 2009 2:22 PM

We are filling volunteer placements for one month slots from September 1st 
onwards, and will need two to three volunteers in place at any one time. 
During these first months, 24 hour care is essential, with feeds every 
three hours, day and night, making human resources one of the limiting 
constraints, and making volunteer assistance particularly valuable.   
The Belize Manatee Rehabilitation Centre is a completely voluntary facility 
established by Wildtracks (a Belize non-profit organization) to respond to 
individual manatee rehab requirements on a calf by calf basis. As such, 
whilst we can provide accommodation, volunteers would need to be able to 
get themselves to Belize, have travel insurance cover, and be able to 
contribute US$65 per week towards food costs.  
Work is shared between volunteers and involves manatee care (food 
preparation/feeding/clean-up and working with the calf), emptying, 
cleaning, filling and maintenance of the pools, keeping records, and 
writing monthly reports. As the calf grows older, and requires less 
individual attention, there will also be public awareness activities and 
visits to schools in the idyllic, local fishing community of Sarteneja, one 
of the stakeholder communities of Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary 
(established to protect the West Indian Manatee). There are also 
opportunities to work with the local conservation organization - Sarteneja 
Alliance for Conservation and Development - which is taking on 
co-management of Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, one of Belize's manatee 
Wildtracks is located approximately two miles south of Sarteneja, in 
northern Belize, overlooking the Shipstern Lagoon system. Accommodation is 
basic, with shared thatched, screened cabanas (sorry - no air conditioning 
or fans!), with adjoining bathrooms. However, there is generally a breeze 
coming off the lagoon, keeping temperatures lower than further inland. Food 
preparation and consumption are both social occasions, with everyone 
contributing towards cooking and washing up. Both vegetarians and 
non-vegetarians are welcome. 
Zoe Walker (office at wildtracksbelize.org)  
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