[MARMAM] Information on humpback whales protecting other marine mammals?

Robert.Pitman Robert.Pitman at noaa.gov
Fri Oct 30 17:30:22 PDT 2009

We recently published a short popular piece about humpback whales 
deliberately interfering with killer whale attacks on seals in 
Antarctica in an apparent effort to protect the seals (R. Pitman and J. 
Durban. 2009. Save the seal! Nat. Hist. Mag. Nov. 2009). We have come 
across some similar accounts involving humpbacks interceding on behalf 
of sea lions, minke whales and gray whales in the Northern Hemisphere 
and it seems to be a widespread behavior. If you have a detailed 
account(s) of this kind of behavior we are looking for collaborators to 
further document this phenomenon. A pdf of the article is available on 
request from robert.pitman at noaa.gov


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