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Mark Baumgartner mbaumgartner at whoi.edu
Wed Oct 28 09:05:23 PDT 2009


As part of a long-running workshop, the latest installment of which  
was the "Ecological Modeling for Marine Mammalogists" workshop held  
just prior to the 18th Biennial Conference in Québec earlier this  
month, we are pleased to announce the debut of a website dedicated to  
marine mammal habitat modeling.  The website is located at www.whoi.edu/sites/marinemammalmodeling 
  and it is a repository for presentations and schedules from past  
workshops (dating back to 1999), as well as resources and papers we  
hope the community will find useful.  If you missed the modeling  
workshop this year, you can find the agenda and all of the  
presentations there.  We plan to update the website regularly with new  
resources and references, so if you find something missing or have  
suggestions for additional content, please contact Mark Baumgartner (mbaumgartner at whoi.edu 
).  Enjoy!

Mark Baumgartner (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA)
Edward Gregr (SciTech Consulting, Canada)
Ellen Hines (San Francisco State University, USA)
Kristin Kaschner (Albert Ludwigs University, Germany)
Kristin Laidre (University of Washington, USA)
Daniel Palacios (NOAA Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratory, USA)
Kathleen Vigness Raposa (Marine Acoustics, Inc., USA)

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