[MARMAM] Request for images of rorqual VGB (dead or alive)

Nick Pyenson pyenson at zoology.ubc.ca
Mon Nov 23 17:36:21 PST 2009

Fellow marine mammalogists,

As part of a project on the biomechanics of ventral groove blubber, I would
like to send out a request for images of the throat pouch (i.e., ventral
groove blubber) from any living rorquals (Balaenoptera spp. or Megaptera)
and any dead ones as well. This request also includes very dead ones,
especially those that are bloated, with a distended, balloon-like throat.
(This request thus falls under the category of "dead, bloated, rotting
whale.") Our research group, at UBC, is interested in the relative extension
of the ventral groove blubber (VGB) from rest. Scale bars or objects of
known size, while appreciated, are not necessary in the image.

Please send images, along with appropriate permission authorization, and any
attendant information (e.g., species, length, place, day, condition) to
pyenson at zoology.ubc.ca




Nicholas D. Pyenson, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Department of Zoology
2370-6270 University Boulevard
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Starting December 2009:
Curator of Fossil Marine Mammals
Department of Paleobiology
National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC
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