[MARMAM] Needs PhotoID catalogs on humpback whales in North Pacific

Mamaev Evgeniy eumetopias at mail.ru
Wed Nov 18 19:00:17 PST 2009

Hi all,

We have near 250 photoID humpback whales from waters of Commander I. and strong need for find breeding sites of it. For this work we need photoID catalogs of humpbacks from tropical zones of North Pacific (for example Gavayi I., Bonins I., Marians I. etc.). If anybody can help us it will be so beutifull. The photoID catalogs preferebly in pdf.

Best wishes for all,

Evgeniy G. Mamaev, PhD
Commandors Biological Station
Kamchatka Institute of Fishery and Oceanography

mail to: eumetopias at mail.ru

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