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Dear Marmam folks,


I wanted to share an article I've just had published, another take on
the social side of marine mammal conservation, appearing in Policy
Sciences. The article will appear in the print edition of the journal
early next year, but is now available in its "Online First" edition. The
citation and abstract are as follows:


Wallace, R.L. and K.A. Semmens. 2009. Social and institutional
challenges in species and ecosystem conservation: an appraisal of the
U.S. Marine Mammal Commission. Policy Sciences (Online First edition):


Abstract: In the pantheon of U.S. environmental law, only one federal
statute-the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972-has created an
independent oversight agency with explicit authority to conduct
appraisals of and make recommendations on all regulatory agency actions
under the law. That agency, the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission, is the
subject of our analysis. Using a semi-structured survey and participant
observation, we assess the commission's operations under its legislative
mandate, using criteria from the literature on policy-oriented
professionalism. Our findings indicate a dichotomy between the
Commission's oversight of other agencies' marine mammal programs and the
manner in which it self-evaluates, learns, and evolves on the basis of
its experience, with strongly pragmatic approaches to its appraisal of
other agencies' programs, contrasted with weak appraisal of its own


Please contact me if you're interested in a pdf of the paper.




Rich Wallace




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