[MARMAM] ACS beaked whale issue dedicated to John Heyning (order info)

Uko Gorter uko.susan at verizon.net
Mon Nov 2 17:06:46 PST 2009

Special Beaked Whale issue of ACS Whalewatcher (order info)

Dear MARMAM subscribers,

In my October 22 announcement of our ACS beaked whale issue of 
Whalewatcher, both the content and ordering information may have been 
cut out as attachments depending on the recipients email browser.
Indeed, you can order our special beaked whale issue of the American 
Cetacean Society's journal "Whalewatcher", dedicated to the late John 
Heyning.  See ordering info below.

To order your copy:

Contact Kaye Reznick, American Cetacean Society administrator.
Email: acsoffice at acsonline.org
Call: (310) 548-6279

Price: $ 6.00 (including mailing)
Check with Kaye for international mailing.
Have you credit card number ready if you're calling.

In this issue:

In Honor of John Heyning, and the Whales That Were His Passion, by ACS 
vice president, Mason Weinrich

 From Corinne, a tribute by Corinne Heyning

A History of the Diversity of Beaked Whales, by James G. Mead

The Accidental Whale, by William F. Perrin

Meet the Family, illustrated plates of all known beaked whales by Uko 

Beaked Whale Science Coming of Age: Progress From Hawai’i, by Robin W. 
Baird (A PDF copy of this article is available on: 

Sonar: A Severe Blow to Beaked Whales, by Taryn Kiekow

Rare Close-ups, by photographer Todd Pusser

Science and Friendship Grew, by Emmanuel Rosales

John Heyning, (a selected) Bibliography, compiled by Mason Weinrich

Enjoy reading,

Uko Gorter

American Cetacean Society
P.O. Box 1391
San Pedro, CA 90733-1391
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