[MARMAM] Marine Mammal Movement and Behavior (3MB) software release

Dorian Houser biomimetica at cox.net
Sun Nov 1 18:55:13 PST 2009

Biomimetica is happy to make available the first public release of 
its Marine Mammal Movement and Behavior (3MB) software package. The 
3MB software is a component of the forthcoming Effects of Sound on 
the Marine Environment (ESME) software package.

The 3MB software allows the creation of simulated aquatic species, or 
animats. Each animat consists of a series of behavioral states with 
probabilities of transition between states that can be modified 
according to time of day. Each behavioral state contains controls for 
dictating the various components of an animat's dive behavior, 
including depth, ascent and descent speed, horizontal rate of travel, 
surface time, etc. Animat movements may also be constrained by 
bathymetric features and animats can be made responsive to simulated 
sound exposures. Furthermore, animats may function as individuals or 
be constrained to "pod" behavior.

The 3MB software permits the exploration of species dive behavior and 
provides a cursory approach to estimating acoustic impacts to marine 
mammals. Simple sound sources are made available in 3MB and a suite 
of "aversive" behaviors that are triggered above a threshold response 
can be programmed by the user. This permits the exploration of 
possible response scenarios to sound exposure, including the 
potential for beaching. The 3MB software also provides a "take" 
estimate of marine mammals, as defined under the Marine Mammal 
Protection Act. The criteria and metrics for estimating "take" are 
based on approaches implemented by the National Marine Fisheries 
Service and the United States Navy for mid-frequency active sound 
sources. However, the criteria and thresholds implemented in 3MB 
should not be considered to have the endorsement of either agency and 
threshold values may vary in upcoming releases of the software.

The 3MB software package may be obtained from 
http://members.cox.net/biomimetica/download%20page.htm. The package 
contains the following:

Marine Mammal Movement and Behavior (3MB) executable
Species Builder executable
Bathymetry files (Bahamas, Mid-Atlantic Bight, Southern California Bight)
Sound Source files (one mobile and one stationary sound source)
Species files (a "generic" mysticete and odontocete)
User Manual
Quick Start Guide
(MatLab scripts for processing 3MB output files are also available at 
the site.)

The 3MB software is free to the public. Its development was made 
possible by support from the Office of Naval Research.

If you find bugs or errors in the software, I encourage you to report 
them to matthewjancross at gmail.com.  Recommendations for feature 
enhancement should be sent to biomimetica at cox.net. We will attempt to 
address bug-fixes and enhancements in future releases of 3MB.

Dorian S. Houser

Dorian S. Houser, Ph.D.
Owner/Research Scientist
biomimetica at cox.net

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