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Dear Colleagues:

It is a nice pleasure to share another manuscript with you all. Anyone
interested, please, get in touch and I'll promptly send the pdf file.

Marcos Santos

Van Bressem, M-F; Santos, M. C. de O. & Oshima, J.E.F. 2009. Skin diseases
in Guiana dolphins (Sotalia guianensis) from the Paranaguá estuary, Brazil:
A possible indicator of a compromised marine environment. Marine
Environmental Research, 67: 63-68.

Abstract: We report on the presence of lobomycosis-like disease (LLD) and
nodular skin disease (NSD) in a community
of Guiana dolphins (Sotalia guianensis) inhabiting the biologically and
chemically contaminated
Paranagua estuary (Brazil) and on their absence in the community living in
the cleaner Cananeia estuary.
Prevalence rates of LLD and NSD were 3.9% and 12.6%, respectively, in 103
photo-identified (PI) dolphins
from the Paranagua estuary in the period 2006–2007. Adults and calves were
affected. Lobomycosis-like
lesions may be extensive and form large plaques. Skin nodules were sometimes
ulcerated and associated
with cutaneous traumas suggesting that traumatic injuries may play a role in
the pathogenesis of this
condition. In two adult dolphins, NSD evoked the beginning of LLD. In
1996–2007 none of the 200 PI Cananeia
S. guianensis had LLD or NSD, a highly significant difference.
Interestingly, these dolphins were
reported to harbour relatively low concentrations of organochlorines. LLD
and NSD are possibly indicators
of environmental changes.


Dr Marcos César de Oliveira Santos

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