[MARMAM] Need information on entanglement of dolphins in bottom trawl lazy line

scheinin scheinin at 013.net
Sun Jun 28 02:27:35 PDT 2009

Dear MARMAM and ECS members,

We are looking for information on entanglement of dolphins in bottom trawl
lazy line. 
In Israel the local bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) are frequently
feeding behind bottom trawl boats. Unfortunately, during this interaction
some get by-caught, and of these, about a third get entangled in the lazy
line (lazy decky, hauling rope). Seemingly, as a result of playing and
rubbing against the rope, it gets bound around their body between the
flippers and the fluke, preventing their surfacing. Conservatism in fishing
methodology, has so far precluded gear modification. Lately, we have
accumulated enough cases to persuade Fishery Department officials to hold a
meeting on the problem. In preparation, we would have liked to come up with
some references from the Mediterranean Sea and elsewhere in the world, but
could not find much information about this in the literature. Is anyone
familiar with this problem and if and how was it solved? 
We understand that there are a few ways in which the lazy line is being used
worldwide. The Israeli bottom trawl fleet is using a floating rope with
about 6-8 meters extra length, which is tied outside the net, between the
its wings and the cod end. A definite reply that this is not a problem with
the local fleet would also be much appreciated, but please refer to the way
the lazy line is being used in your area.
Thank you for your help.

Aviad Scheinin
scheinin at research.haifa.ac.il / scheinin at 013.net.il
Chairman, IMMRAC - Israel Marine Mammal Research & Assistance center 
Ph.D Student, Department of Maritime Civilizations, Haifa University.
The Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies, Haifa University Mount Carmel,
Haifa 31905 Israel 
Home address: Tirat Shalom, P.B. 1356, Nes-Ziona 74052, Israel 
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