[MARMAM] UK cetacean MPA project

Sarah Dolman sarah.dolman at wdcs.org
Fri Jun 19 01:13:41 PDT 2009

WDCS is currently collating field research data to be included in a
project to determine suitable sites for UK Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)
for whales, dolphins and porpoises. This project is supported by
Scottish Natural Heritage and the BBC Wildlife Fund.


We are busy gathering data from published sources. However, we're aware
that many valuable field reports and unpublished datasets exist for UK
cetaceans that are not published in the peer-review literature and may
be more difficult for us to access. If you are aware of any such
literature, and would be interested to contribute it so that our project
is as complete as possible, we would be very grateful to receive these
from you. Appropriate acknowledgements will be made in our final report,
which is due in December 2009 and will be available to all. Any datasets
provided will only be used for this project.


Please send reports and datasets to: sarah.dolman at wdcs.org, (or
sarah.dolman at hotmail.co.uk if over 5Mb). I'm happy to answer any
questions or queries and provide more information about the project.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Many thanks,



Sarah Dolman

WDCS Head of Policy for Scotland

Sarah.dolman at wdcs.org




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