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Courses & Experience in Marine Mammal Husbandry, Training & Research Offered
at Dolphin Research Center


Dolphin Research Center announces August 2009 career training courses in
Animal Care & Husbandry, Training & Enrichment as well as Cognitive and
Behavioral Research with Marine Mammals.


For more than 20 years Dolphin Research Center has been offering courses
teaching individuals about marine mammal husbandry, behavior modification
and research. Not only do the courses provide extensive knowledge, but also
hands on experience in the field of marine mammal care and training. 


All About Dolphins: Basic DolphinLab August 15-21, 2009

Marine Mammal Cognitive and Behavioral Research DolphinLab August 22-28,

Marine Mammal Care and Basic Training DolphinLab August 29-September 4, 2009


All of our hands on, career oriented DolphinLab courses are college
accredited. Each course accrues 3 credit hours with the Florida Keys
Community College which are transferrable to most colleges and universities.
The completion of all DolphinLab courses earns students a college issued
certificate in marine mammal behavior and training. The certificate
designates the individual as having basic knowledge and experience in the
field of marine mammal care and training. Note: while students can opt for
credit, courses do not have to be taken for college credit.


Course topics include but are not limited to: Marine mammal husbandry,
marine mammal medical care and pathology, behavior modification and training
through operant conditioning, anatomy, physiology, maternity, population
management, habitat and maintenance, environmental enrichment, cognitive and
behavioral research methodology, design and implementation, dolphin
acoustics and communication, marine mammal law and conservation


Animal experience includes but is not limited to: Meal preparation, medical
assists, animal handling and behavior modification, animal presentation and
narration delivery, cognitive research design and implementation, behavioral
observation and research, animal enrichment design and implementation.


To learn more about the individual course itinerary, costs and registration
please visit www.dolphins.org under "Visit Dolphin Research Center" and go
to the "DolphinLab" section of the website. Or contact us at
education at dolphins.org or (305) 289-1121 ext 225.




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