[MARMAM] seasonal dugong behaviour

Dr Claire Garrigue op.cetaces at lagoon.nc
Tue Jun 9 19:58:55 PDT 2009

Dear all,

Opération Cétacés is a small NGO based in New Caledonia, South Pacific, 
conducting research and conservation projects on different species of 
marine mammals in our region.

We are presently working on an assessment of the dugong population of 
New Caledonia. We would be interested in any information other groups 
working on this species may have on the potential for seasonal changes 
in the behaviour of dugongs, and more specifically on feeding, 
reproduction and nursing behaviour.
We would also appreciate to hear from people who have assessed 
parameters such as sustainable threshold of dugong population 
regeneration (or maximum sustainable yield) and resilience rate for 
dugongs or any other marine mammal species. Such information is 
essential to enhance our understanding of dugong’s population dynamics 
in New Caledonia.

Please send any information you may have to op.cetaces at lagoon.nc 
<mailto:op.cetaces at lagoon.nc>

Opération Cétacés BP12827 98802 Noumea Nouvelle-Cal?donie tel/fax +687 
24-16-34 site web/web site operationcetaces.lagoon.nc

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