[MARMAM] Research Faculty Position in Marine Mammal Bioacoustics-Naval Postgraduate School

Jeffrey Paduan paduan at nps.edu
Fri Jul 31 14:52:19 PDT 2009

                      Naval Postgraduate School
                     Department of Oceanography
      Research Faculty Position in Marine Mammal Bioacoustics
The Department of Oceanography at the Naval Postgraduate School invites
applications for an Assistant Research Professor position in the area of
marine mammal bioacoustics and biological oceanography. A doctoral degree in
Biological Oceanography or a closely related field with a minimum of one
year of postdoctoral research experience in the subject area is required. We
are specifically seeking a candidate with promise for long-term creativity
and research excellence.
Consideration will be given to the applicants who have both strong
observational and theoretical skills, as well as demonstrated expertise in
marine mammal behavioral ecology, habitat modeling, passive acoustic
monitoring, and acoustic classification of marine mammal species. The
successful candidate is expected to complement, enhance and eventually play
a leadership role in ongoing marine mammal research of the Oceanography
This is a research faculty position that is renewable annually depending
upon the availability of reimbursable funds. Therefore the candidate¹s
ability to successfully compete for external research grants and/or
contracts is important.
The Naval Postgraduate School provides graduate education to active duty
officers from all branches of the Armed Services as well as members of the
federal civil service.  Students are educated to lead, innovate and manage
in a changing, highly technological world. The School conducts research that
is recognized internationally as well as for its relevance to national
defense and academic quality. The School is currently celebrating its 100th
anniversary. The Naval Postgraduate School is an equal
opportunity/affirmative action employer.
Initial review for the position will begin on 15 August 2009. Applicants
should submit a CV, a brief description of research interests, and at least
three references electronically or by mail to:
Professor Jeffrey D. Paduan, Chairman
Department of Oceanography, Code OC/Pd
Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, CA  93943
Jeffrey D. Paduan, Code OC/Pd                   (831) 656-3350; 2712/FAX
Naval Postgraduate School                                 paduan at nps.edu
Monterey, CA  93943                  http://www.oc.nps.navy.mil/~paduan/

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