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   We are pleased to announce the 3rd and final year of West African Manatee Research Training Programme. This is an opportunity for African scientists to participate in the Earthwatch/NCRC West African manatee community conservation and research project on the Afram Arm of Volta Lake, Ghana.  Over the past 2 years we have trained 15 individuals from 8 West African countries.  

In 2009 we will be running 2 teams: 
Team 1: 18th – 31st October 2009
Team 2: 15th – 29th November 2009
Earthwatch has funding to bring 8 West African scientists and conservationists to join each training expedition.  The Earthwatch Capacity Development Programme covers the costs of the training and all travel expenses to/from the rendezvous site in Accra, Ghana.  However, all Fellows MUST commit to the entire 2-week training programme.

We are targeting nationals in West African countries who already have an interest in manatee research and conservation or who have the potential to start a West African manatee conservation research project in their own country.  Following last year’s success, we are especially interested in hosting young and/or female scientists.

Training includes: Introduction to the Order Sirenia, History of Manatee Evolution, Manatee Field Research Techniques, Field research equipment and data sheets training;  Manatee Genetics, Manatee habitat measurements and water quality analysis and Conservation Strategies for the Protection of Sirenians.
Training seminars and field work will be done each day.  Our work in Volta Lake is done under primitive and hot conditions (huts and tents) from a remote field station near a small village on the northern coast of the Afram Arm of Volta Lake.  Last year, highlights of the expedition included a football match and special ceremony in the adjacent village.  

If you would like to apply for this training opportunity, please contact sstauntonlamb at earthwatch.org.uk  Nomination forms must be completed and submitted by 10th August 2009
Cheers from Earthwatch, Nature Conservation Research Centre, Dr. Patrick Ofori-Dansen, Lucy Keith and Caryn Self-Sullivan
About Earthwatch
Earthwatch is an international environmental charity which is committed to conserving the diversity and integrity of life on earth to meet the needs of current and future generations.  Our mission is to engage people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment.
Earthwatch has a global reach, with offices in Oxford (UK), Boston (USA), Melbourne (Australia) and Tokyo (Japan). 
Website: www.earthwatch.org/europe
About NCRC
Nature Conservation Research Centre (NCRC) is recognized internationally as a leader in developing rural ecotourism and community protected areas as a means of economic development and resource conservation. NCRC’s initiatives have facilitated sustainable economic development in scores of poor rural areas of Ghana and other nations in West Africa. Founded in Ghana in 1996, NCRC has grown rapidly to become Ghana’s leading indigenous conservation organisation, as well as a key actor in West African civil society.
Website: http://www.ncrc-ghana.org/
About Sirenian International
Sirenian International, Inc., is a organization of grassroots people who share a dedication to manatee & dugong research, education, and conservation through inter-cultural collaboration. We are a partnership of scientists, students, educators, conservationists, and the public. We believe in the process of integrating science, education, and culture to catalyze positive change in our shared environment, Mother Earth
Website: http://www.sirenian.org/
About Wildlife Trust:
Wildlife Trust is an international organization of scientists dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity.  For more than 35 years, Wildlife Trust has focused its efforts on conservation. Today, we are known for our innovative research on the intricate relationships between wildlife, ecosystems and human health. Wildlife Trust Research Scientist Lucy Keith is the lead on West African manatee projects and currently conducts research in Gabon, Angola, Senegal and is in the process of building a collaborative partnership for manatee genetics with researchers from 15 West African countries.
Website: http://www.wildlifetrust.org/edge_of_the_sea/project.shtml
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