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Dear Marmamers,

in the light of European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (DIRECTIVE 2008/56/EC) I'm conducting a feasibility study concerning noise (descriptor 11) for the German Federal Environment Agency (http://www.umweltbundesamt.de/uba-info-e/index.htm) . I'm searching for all information's concerning noise monitoring especially noise mapping and modelling in the marine environment and would be happy for any support.

I am aware of the following projects (see below) but I would be happy for any further links. I'm especially interested in people who would like to share their experience or in companies which could be helpful. 


Thanks in advanced and

kind regards 

Karsten Brensing

(please respond directly to my e mail address: karsten.brensing at wdcs.org)




Incomplete list of project:

*          Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary (Boston, USA): http://stellwagen.noaa.gov/science/passive_acoustics.html

*          Orcalab (Vancouver Island, Kanada): www.orcalab.org <http://www.orcalab.org/> 

*          PUGET SOUNDSCAPE (Seattle, USA): http://homepage.mac.com/brettbecker/soundscape/pugetsoundscape.html

*          Scripps whale acoustic lab: http://cetus.ucsd.edu/projects_Main.html 

*          Monitoring Underwater Noise Melbourne: http://www.channelproject.com.au/global/docs/EMON_080205_Monitoring_Underwater_Noise.pdf

*          Ocean Tracking Network (Dalhousie University, Kanada): http://www.oceantrackingnetwork.org <http://www.oceantrackingnetwork.org/> 

*          University of Catalunia: www.lab.upc.es/mapa

*          TNO: Assessment of natural and anthropogenic sound sources and acoustic propagation in the North Sea



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