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Dear Marmamers,

I´d like to inform you about a recent published article about the distribution of southern right whales nearby the Magellan Strait. Please, feel free to request pdf copies from the authors at the address below.

Belgrano J., M. Iñíguez, J. Gibbons, C. García & C. Olavarría. 2008. South-west Atlantic right whales distribution nearby the Magellan Strait. Anales del Instituto de la Patagonia (Chile) 36 (2): 69-74

In this note we review the distribution of southern right whales in the area nearby the eastern entrance to the Magellan Strait, including Argentina and Chilean waters, including reported and unreported records from the nearby province of Santa Cruz, Argentina (Iñíguez et al. 2003) and the southern Chilean fjords (Gibbons et al. 2006) with the aim of examining the local distribution of the species and its degree of movement across the border between Argentina and Chilean waters.

In the area of Santa Cruz, Argentina, sightings have been recorded since 1986. We include here those records nearby Cabo Vírgenes and Punta Dungeness as in Iñíguez et al. (2003). In the Chilean Patagonian and Fuegian channels and fjords, extensive surveys for cetaceans have been undertaken between 1997 and 2005 as in Gibbons et al. (2006). Further surveys have been undertaken by the Centre for Quaternary Research (CEQUA) in the fjords and channels at the central and western portions of the Magellan Strait, as well as in southern channels between 2003 and 2008.

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Jimena Belgrano
Fundación Cethus
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