[MARMAM] Second edition of Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals

William Perrin William.Perrin at noaa.gov
Wed Jan 28 08:23:33 PST 2009

The second edition of the Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals, edited by W. 
F. Perrin, B. Wuersig and J. G. M. Thewissen, has been published (2009). 
All articles have been updated.  New articles have been added to cover 
new developments in marine mammal science, such as those related to 
climate change and the interface of ecology and conservation, as well as 
some established topics not fully explored in the first edition (2002).  
Significant changes since the first edition appeared extend to the 
roster of marine mammsl, with the discovery of new species (e.g., 
Omura's whale) and the extinction of another (the baiji).  These and 
other changes are fully covered.  Most illustrations are now in color.  
The new edition is available on the internet and directly from the 
publisher (Elsevier).

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