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The final report from NOAA's 2007 international vessel-quieting 
symposium on quieting is now available at: 
<http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/pr/acoustics/shipnoise.htm>.  The suggested 
reference for this report is: /Southall, B. L. and A. Scholik-Schlomer.  
2008.  Final report of the// NOAA International Conference: "Potential 
Application of Vessel-Quieting Technology on Large Commercial Vessels," 
1-2 May, 2007, Silver Spring, MD, U.S.A.**/

This meeting was instrumental in advancing the discussions and 
involvement of various industry, scientific, conservation, and other 
interests, both domestically and internationally. One of the 
recommendations, calling for engaging the International Maritime 
Organization on this issue, has come to fruition since the meeting; IMO 
now includes a formal correspondence group (chaired by the U.S.) on 
shipping noise and marine mammals.

I would like to thank all the participants, speakers, and other 
contributors to this meeting, as well as the report co-author (Amy 
Scholik).  Your efforts contributed to the success of the symposium, 
which will be seen as a critical step in the history of the important 
issue of how we address environmental impacts of incidental noise from 
large ships.  There has been subsequent progress arising from this 
symposium in a collaborative meeting hosted by our colleagues at Okeanos 
-- Stiftung für das Meer (Foundation for the Sea), which is refered to 
within the report; they also assisted in supporting the 2007 symposium.

Please let me know if I may provide any further information regarding 
progress since this meeting, particularly on continuing efforts within IMO.


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