[MARMAM] Mozambiquan dugong conservation

CDSWhale cdswhale at worldonline.co.za
Wed Jan 21 06:39:05 PST 2009

Ken Findlay, Almeida Guissamulo and I have recently completed an 18 month study of what we think is the last surviving 'viable' population of dugongs in the Western Indian Ocean. The study involved aerial surveys, sea grass mapping and a final Population Viability Analysis.

Although we intend publishing this work, we thought some might be interested in reading the final report, in it's entirety.

The final report is available as a PDF from me. It's pretty long, about 85 pages and gigs, so I'll wait a few days and send to all those who requested in one shot.

Vic Cockcroft
Centre for Dolphin Studies
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
info at dolphinstudies.co.za
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