[MARMAM] Dolphin and whale plastic ingestion information wanted for 2008

Groitl Robert robertgroitl at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 13 17:12:59 PST 2009

Dear all,

we are a small NGO researching pollution through plastic. We have posted our
research and results on our websites www.green-ocean.org
<http://www.green-ocean.org/>  and www.plastic-sea.com
<http://www.plastic-sea.com/> . PDF of the research project you can download
under http://www.green-ocean.org/index.php?file=downloads


So far our findings are horrific. 


We would like to ask for your assistance. Do you have any observations /
findings, research material on:


*	Dolphins and whales mortalities through digestion of plastic –
please only for the year 2008
*	Data on the concentration of plastic in the sea


We would greatly appreciate your help and assistance. Please mail any data
to: office at green-ocean.de

If you would like to find out more about our own project, research and
findings, please do not hesitate to send us a request by email.



Dr. Robert Groitl

Dip.E.D. Oceanography



Green-Ocean e.V.

 <http://www.green-ocean.org/> www.green-ocean.org

 <http://www.plastic-sea.com/> www.plastic-sea.com

 <http://sea-watch.green-ocean.org/> http://sea-watch.green-ocean.org 

 <mailto:office at green-ocean.de> office at green-ocean.de

* Italien:           0039 329 069 7001

* Deutschland: 0049 152 264 59 319

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