[MARMAM] Thanks for photo submissions

Christoph Richter richterc at queensu.ca
Wed Jan 7 13:45:20 PST 2009

Dear Marmam Friends,
Thank you so much for submitting your beautiful photographs for  
publication in our book on Antarctica. It has been a while and we  
appologise: nothing happens as quickly as we would like it!!! We have  
been sailing in Antarctica for the last two months without means of  
contact. We have received your submissions, sorted through them, and  
made the first selection. Those of you that have sent photos that we  
would like to use, we will contact you separately. For those that were  
not selected, we thank you so much, and will delete the photos from  
our computer to ensure that they are not circulated further.
The book text is now being edited in english and will be translated  
into spanish in the next few months. Then a few months for layout and  
We are so grateful for such a response!
Sebastian Arrebola and Shoshanah Jacobs (shoshanahjacobs at gmail.com)

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