[MARMAM] Microsatellites in Cetaceans: an Overview

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The following article is freely available online:

Bourret, V., Macé, M., Bonhomme, M., Crouau-Roy, B. 
Microsatellites in Cetaceans: an Overview. 
The Open Marine Biology Journal, 2008, 2, 38-42.

This paper presents a comprehensive overview of the published literature on 
microsatellites studied in cetaceans from 1989 to 2007. We inventoried 246 
loci isolated from 18 and amplified in 51 cetacean species representing 11 
families. The majority of loci (68%) were dinucleotide (CA) repeats, which 
were also shown to be on average more variable than tetranucleotide 
repeats. For each of these loci and the 1610 locus/species combinations, we 
present the species in which the markers were isolated and tested, specific 
diversity parameters (number of alleles, expected and observed 
heterozygosities), together with the primer sequences, the size range of 
the PCR products and the GenBank accession number. Simple analyses were 
performed on the assembled data and the widespread use of cross-species 
amplification, an important source of microsatellites in cetaceans, is 
discussed using laboratory data from Stenella coeruleoalba. No significant 
ascertainment bias was detected when considering all dinucleotide or 
tetranucleotide loci. This comprehensive database should help to inform 
those working on population and conservation genetic studies in most 
cetacean species.

The main text and supplementary tables are available for download from the 
Journal's website. Alternatively please contact us for pdf's.

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