[MARMAM] New article on resource partitioning between humpback and minke whales in Antarctica

Ari Friedlaender asf7 at duke.edu
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The following articles has been published on line:

Friedlaender, A.S., G.L. Lawson, and P.N. Halpin.  2008. Evidence of  
resource partitioning between humpback and minke whales around the  
western Antarctic Peninsula. Marine Mammal Science DOI: 10.1111/j. 


For closely related sympatric species to coexist, they must differ to  
some degree in their ecological requirements or niches (e.g., diets)  
to avoid interspecific competition. Baleen whales in the Antarctic  
feed primarily on krill, and the large sympatric prewhaling community  
suggests resource partitioning among these species or a nonlimiting  
prey resource. In order to examine ecological differences between  
sympatric humpback and minke whales around the Western Antarctic  
Peninsula, we made measurements of the physical environment,  
observations of whale distribution, and concurrent acoustic  
measurements of krill aggregations. Mantel's tests and classification  
and regression tree models indicate both similarities and differences  
in the spatial associations between humpback and minke whales,  
environmental features, and prey. The data suggest (1) similarities  
(proximity to shore) and differences (prey abundance versus deep water  
temperatures) in horizontal spatial distribution patterns, (2)  
unambiguous vertical resource partitioning with minke whales  
associating with deeper krill aggregations across a range of spatial  
scales, and (3) that interference competition between these two  
species is unlikely. These results add to the paucity of ecological  
knowledge relating baleen whales and their prey in the Antarctic and  
should be considered in conservation and management efforts for  
Southern Ocean cetaceans and ecosystems.

Society Members can access this manuscript from the journal web site  
via the Members Area: www.marinemammalogy.org
or contact me for a pdf: asf7 at duke.edu

Thank you.

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