[MARMAM] Wayward whale euthanized after becoming stranded

Fábio Picinato fabiopicinato at yahoo.com.br
Sat Feb 28 02:45:18 PST 2009

Wayward whale euthanized after becoming stranded
 Rescuers tend to the stranded whale 
Sat, 28 Feb 2009 6:22p.m. 

There has been a sad ending to the story about a whale languishing in the waters off Whangaparoa Peninsula north of Auckland.
The Department of Conservation and Project Jonah have been observing the rare gray's beaked whale for about three weeks. But today, despite the efforts of up to 100 volunteers to save it, the decision was made that the whale's condition had deteriorated to the extent that it should be euthanized.
The young whale was first spotted earlier this week between Red Beach and Stanmore Bay and was initially mistaken for a dolphin.
The gray's beaked whale usually hunt squid deep in the ocean, and it is unusual for them to be seen close to shore unless they are dead or dying.

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