[MARMAM] phd course in bioacoustics

Peter Teglberg Madsen peter.madsen at biology.au.dk
Fri Feb 27 07:47:20 PST 2009

Dear All,

The graduate school SNAK in Denmark is now again offering its international
ph.d. course "Animal communication" august 10-20 2009. The 10 day course has
special focus on how to design bioacoustic experiments, and on methodology
and analysis. Topics covered include hydrophone&microphone calibration,
arrays, hearing and sound production, sound propagation, noise, ABR,
psychophysics, signal processing, biosonars and communication. The class
will be given by resident and international experts in underwater and
terrestrial bioacoustics. 

For more information see 


To apply, please see 


Application deadline is April 1. 

On behalf of SNAK and the organizers
Peter T. Madsen


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