[MARMAM] A beached fin whale in Libya

Ibrahim Benamr benamr_ibrahim at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 23 07:49:25 PST 2009

Dear all,
A carcass of a fin whale found beached on the Gulf of Sirte on the 18th of February. The carcass was reported by one of the locals and scientists from different agencies and universities rushed to the site on the same date. 
The animal was 17 m and heavily decayed. The body was inspected for any signs of collision (propellers marks or wounds) or mortality cause with no visible results. No necropsy was carried out and the body was buried at the site in order to extract the skeleton later. Tissue, blubber and skin samples were collected and preserved (frozen) at the University of Omar Elmukhtar (OMU) for later investigation and analysis.
Short videos are available at these links (u-tube):
Kind regards
Ibrahim Benamer
MSc Marine fisheries Management 
University of Aberdeen
Lecturer at University of Omar Elmokhtar (OMU) / Libya
Email: benamr_ibrahim at yahoo.com

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