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Apologies for cross postings.
Some may be interested in the following article just published in Marine
J. E. Moore, B. P. Wallace, R. L. Lewsion, R. Zydelis, T. M. Cox, and L. B.
Crowder. 2009. A review of marine mammal, sea turtle and seabird bycatch in
USA fisheries and the role of policy in shaping management. Marine Policy
33: 435-451 
This paper reviews the available information (observer programs, estimates,
statutes, regulations) for bycatch of marine mammals, sea turtles, and
seabirds in fisheries of the United States. Goals of the review were to
evaluate the state of knowledge of bycatch and the role of existing
protective legislation in shaping bycatch management for different taxa.
Pressing issues are identified, as well as knowledge gaps and policy
limitations that hinder multi-species bycatch reduction. The USA has made
important progress toward reducing bycatch in its fisheries, but the
efficacy of its management has been limited somewhat by a focus on taxon-
and fishery-specific regulation and the lack of consistent mandate across
taxa for taking a cumulative perspective on bycatch. Applying consistent
criteria across taxa for setting bycatch limits (e.g., extending the
approach used for marine mammals to sea turtles and seabirds) would be the
first step in a multi-species approach to bycatch reduction. A
population-based multi- species multi-gear approach to bycatch would help
identify priority areas where resources are needed most and can be used most
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