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Lucie Hazen ljhazen at duke.edu
Fri Feb 13 21:03:55 PST 2009

Please post the following job announcement:



Duke University Marine Laboratory is seeking potential applicants for two
full-time Research Assistant positions to conduct aerial/shipboard surveys
for marine mammals and sea turtles in a proposed Navy training range off
Jacksonville FL. Surveys will commence in April 2009, following a brief
period of training, and be conducted year-round. Details on duties,
experience required and desirable qualifications are outlined below.


Duties:  Observers will collect visual, acoustic and photographic data
relating to the distribution, behavior and ecology of marine mammals and sea
turtles.  The observers will also assist in the preparation of reports on
the above topics and maintain an archive of sightings and
photo-identification data. The observers will be required to participate in
surveys aboard chartered aircraft and research vessels in offshore waters
(>50 km). 


Experience:  One to three (1-3) years of experience in collecting, and
processing biological and ecological data pertinent to the study of marine
mammal biology and ecology. A bachelor's degree in a related field is
required and a Masters degree is preferable.


Desirable Qualifications:  Experience working with photo-identification
catalogs is desirable. Experience with passive acoustic hardware and
acoustic analysis software is highly desirable. Proficiency with ArcGIS 9,
ArcView 3, or other GIS software is also desirable. 


If interested, please submit your resume to Lucie Hazen (ljhazen at duke.edu)
by February 28.


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