[MARMAM] PhD student course 2009 organized by CAnMove

Keith Larson Keith.Larson at zooekol.lu.se
Fri Feb 13 05:26:38 PST 2009

Dear All,

We would like to announce that we are again giving the international PhD student course in Ecology of Animal Migration at the Department of Ecology at Lund University and organized by CAnMove (Centre for Animal Movement Research).

The course will be held 29 Sept-9 October 2009, and you will find more information (preliminary program, registration etc) on our web page:


During the course lectures will be given by invited experts in their field, there will be seminars, own projects with practice of field equipment as well as an excursion. There will be ample time for interactions between students and lecturers and we invite PhD students from any country to participate in the course.

Please, contact Keith Larson (Keith.Larson at zooekol.lu.se) for registration.

Very Welcome to a very stimulating and exciting course!

Susanne Åkesson and Thomas Alerstam

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