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Hi, All,
A number of people have been asking where our movie, Saving Luna,  is 
playing. It's the documentary about the young lost orca of Nootka Sound,  Vancouver 
Island, who was also known as L-98. 
The film is getting out all over Canada now, and we've had some very good  
reviews, including 4 out of 5 stars at both the Vancouver Sun and Ottawa Sun and 
 3.5 out of 4 at the National Post. (The Globe and Mail was less charming,  
calling it a "bleeding-heart ... nature documentary," which is probably a  
compliment in the Globe's gloomy way.) But audiences seem to  love it, so for 
Canadians, I've put this weekend's schedule below. There's  a trailer on YouTube 
and on our website at _www.savingluna.com_ (http://www.savingluna.com) .
I would like to urge people on this list to give real thought to  coming to 
see Saving Luna and encouraging theatres to show it. If you're  interested in 
helping this film along, wherever you are, let other people  -- and theatres -- 
know it's available. And, if it's not  nearby, please call your local theatre 
and ask if it's interested in  showing it. If it is, contact me and we'll get 
our distributor to set things  up. 
Saving Luna is in competition with films that view other animals --  and 
evolution -- in less-than scientific ways, and often in demeaning ways. They  all 
have advertising budgets in the millions. These things affect the public  
attitude toward other animals. We have almost no money at all (typical  nature 
filmmakers), but we have had excellent word of mouth. We strongly  think that 
Saving Luna, which is entertaining and accessible to the general  public and to 
kids, offers a way for people to get a sense of other animals as  living, aware 
beings in their own right, whose lives deserve respect. But this  movie will 
disappear without people like you pushing it along. 
Saving Luna has been endorsed by major animal-welfare and advocacy  
organizations, and by leaders in the world of the science and philosophy  of other 
lives, such as Marc Bekoff and Paul Waldau. We think it is  worth seeing, and that 
if you care about the lives with whom we share this  planet, it is worth 
while to get members of the public into the theatre to  see Saving Luna.
Here are the screenings for the current weekend, followed by other  scheduled 
locations. We can add to those very quickly if we find out that other  
theatres are interested. Also, we have been doing school and  university 
presentations and can arrange theatrical showings for school  groups. Contact me at the 
email below for any questions you may have.
Schedule for theatres that are opening Saving Luna this  coming weekend, 
starting Feb. 13.
Toronto: AMC Theatres at Yonge & Dundas
             Regent  Theatre, 551 Mt. Pleasant
Calgary: The Globe Theatre, 8 Avenue S.W.
Saskatoon: Broadway Theatre, 751 Broadway Ave (opens Feb  14)
Because of the craziness of the movie business, if we have good attendance  
in Toronto it is very likely that Saving Luna will be opening in other  cities 
that we don't yet know about starting as soon as the following  weekend. So, 
check your local listings, and, better yet, our website at _www.savingluna.com_ 
(http://www.savingluna.com) .
Upcoming showings are scheduled for these theatres:
February 15, 2009 NORTH BAY, ON -- Galaxy Cinemas, 300  Lakeshore Drive
February 20, 2009 SALMON ARM, B.C.-- Salmar Classic  Theatre, 360 Alexander 
February 21-23, 2009 OTTAWA,  ON -- Mayfair Theatre, 1074 Bank St.
March 12-15, 2009 REGINA,  SK  -- RPL Film Theatre, 2311 12th Avenue
March 18-22,  2009 VICTORIA, B.C.-- Cinecenta, University of Victoria 
March  21, 2009 BELLEVILLE, ON -- The Empire Theatre, 321 Front  Street
Thank you for  your interest and help,
Michael  Parfit
Mountainside Films
email: ParfitM at aol.com _http://www.savingluna.com_ 

a true story by Mountainside  Films

Winner, Indie Award, Best Documentary,  2008, Canadian Film and Television 
Production Association
Winner,  Audience Choice, Best Feature, 2008 Santa Barbara International Film 
Winner, Panda Award, Best People and Animals, 2008 Wildscreen  Festival
Winner, Panda Award, Best Script, 2008 Wildscreen  Festival
Winner, Black Pearl Audience Choice, 2008 Middle East  International Film 
Winner, Audience Award, 2008 San Francisco  Ocean Film Festival
Winner, Best Documentary, 2008 Bermuda  International Film Festival
Winner, Best Documentary, 2008 Victoria  Film Festival
Winner, Best Documentary, Nature/ Environment, 2008 Leo  Awards
Winner, Special Jury Prize, 2008 Palm Beach International Film  Festival
Winner, Special Jury Award, 2008 Banff Mountain Film  Festival
Winner, Best Environmental Film, 2008 Byron Bay Film  Festival
Winner, Best Storyline, 2008 International Wildlife Film  Festival
Winner, Merit Award for Educational Value, 2008 International  Wildlife Film 
Winner, Best Nature and Wildlife, 2008  WorldFest Houston International Film 
Winner, Best People and  Animals, 2007 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival
Winner, Best  Canadian Film, 2008 Projecting Change Film  Festival

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