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Higham, J.E.S., Bejder, L. and Lusseau, D. (2009). An integrated and
adaptive management model to address the long-term sustainability of
tourist interactions with cetaceans. Environmental Conservation 35 (4):
294-302. doi:10.1017/S0376892908005249



Rapid growth in demand for tourist interactions with cetaceans in the
wild constitutes a challenge to management. Short-term animal behaviour
changes can have long-term biological consequences for individual
animals and populations. This paper reviews the whale-watching
management context, describing the interplay of the macro (global), meso
(national/regional) and micro-level (local/site specific) policy,
planning and management settings. Here, an integrated and adaptive
management model based largely upon the delineation and monitoring of
limits of acceptable change (LAC) parameters is proposed to address
current shortcomings in the long-term sustainable management of
whale-watching activities. Although no integrated management framework
currently exists, a comprehensive management approach must be developed
and applied in the interests of the long-term sustainable management of
tourist interactions with cetaceans in the wild. The proposed management
model highlights the importance of integrating multiple stakeholder
perspectives in a way that is both research-informed and adaptive.
Beyond tourist interactions with cetaceans, this management framework
could be applied to a wide range of wildlife management contexts.


Please see Environmental Conservation home page to obtain a PDF of the
manuscript or send me an email and I shall forward you a copy.


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