[MARMAM] Sirenian Workshop at the SCB IMMC 21-24 May, 2009, Washington, DC

Caryn Self-Sullivan caryns at sirenian.org
Fri Feb 6 02:58:35 PST 2009

Workshop: Improving the contribution of marine protected areas to the conservation of sirenians

This workshop is being held in conjunction with the Society for Conservation Biology Marine Section's International Marine Conservation Congress "Making Marine Science Matter"  in Washington, DC, 19-24 May 2009. 

The workshop consists of three two-hour sessions on May 21-23, and a joint wrap-up session on May 24th. It will: (1) review the strengths and weaknesses of the role of MPAs in sirenian conservation through invited regional overview ; (2) provide an overview of contemporary research to provide the natural and social science base for present sirenian conservation and MPA design through an interactive poster session; and (3) determine the features of MPAs that have proved effective in conserving sirenians through an interactive, facilitated group exercise. 

Registration for the IMMC is required and may be completed via the weblink above. For more information, please contact Ellen Hines , Helene Marsh , Cyndi Taylor , or Caryn Self-Sullivan . 

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