[MARMAM] ONR Call for Proposals: Remote Release Device for Marine Mammal Electronic Tags

Weise, Michael michael.j.weise at navy.mil
Thu Feb 5 05:45:13 PST 2009

US Department of Defense (DOD) Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)
programs invites small business firms and research institutions to
jointly submit proposals to develop a radio-activated, remotely
triggered device that would release a tag package (archival and/or
satellite-linked tags) attached to a marine mammal without the need to
disturb the tagged animal. 

Background: To improve the amount and quality of data recovered from
marine mammal electronic tags, the U.S. Navy is interested in developing
a remotely triggered self-detaching recoverable unit. Corrosive links
attached to tags that are glued to animals have been used previously,
but not knowing the exact time of the release is inconvenient and
decreases the probability of tag recovery. A radio triggered device
could be released by investigators when animals are sighted. The tag
package (archival or satellite-linked tag attached to the animal by a
RRD) could be released without necessitating the animal's recapture. 

Requirements: Each recoverable tag and RRD attached to the animal should
have a unique and specific radio frequency and should be activated by a
small handheld transmitter with a FCC approved coded radio signal and a
transmission range of 2 - 3.5 km line of sight to the tagged animal. The
RRD requires a receiver with a rechargeable or replaceable battery and
antennae. To survive extreme pressures and hydrodynamic drag experienced
by diving animals, the RRD receiver should be a small and lightweight
electronic package capable of accepting tag packages up to 370g, good to
a depth of 1500-2000m, battery life good up to 1 year, and adaptable to
secure to various mechanisms of attachment to the animal (glue to
pelage, suction cups, implantable attachments).

27 January 2009 - Pre-release of solicitation
24 February 2009 - DOD begins accepting proposals
25 March 2009 - Deadline for receipt of proposals at 0600 EST.

For more information on STTR program and eligibility/limitations go to
http://www.dodsbir.net/solicitation/sttr09A/preface09A.htm. Go to
www.dodsbir.net/topics and select topic # N09-T029 for more information
on topic.

For questions regarding topic please contact me before 24 February 2009.
After 23 February 2009 all questions must be submitted via SITIS. 

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