[MARMAM] Become a Dolphin conservation and research volunteer in Peru in March and/or April 2009

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*Become a Dolphin conservation and research volunteer in Peru in March
and/or April 2009*

Mundo Azul is a Peruvian NGO for the conservation of marine and coastal
biodiversity and for sustainable development in Peru. Since 2001 we are
working against the continued illegal dolphin killing for human consumption
in Peru. In 2005 we started a bottlenose dolphin Photo-ID program along the
central Peruvian coast between Lima and Paracas (240) km. From 2007 to 2008
we have identified more than 1000 animals in this area. Mundo Azul is
self-financing its research program with the support of volunteers,
whale-watching, consultancies and donations from Peruvian companies.
Currently we are operating three boats for coastal Dolphin research and
recently we put a fourth boat in service for off-shore whale and Dolphin
research to begin shortly.

We are running dolphin field surveys in March and in April and there are
still possibilities to take part as a volunteer.

Volunteers will accompany our field researchers on a full month
dolphin-photo-ID survey. During daily marine tours you will be able to
observe up to 100 dolphins or more per day in several groups while being
engaged in social interaction and fishing behavior. Dolphins often approach
the research boat for bow riding and come as close as 1 meter to the boat.
To have three or more animals bow riding at the same time is not a rare
event (up to 20 in one event). You will also observe sea lions, Humboldt
penguins and marine birds on a daily basis. Occasionally you may also
observe other dolphin and whale species (mainly dusky dolphins and Bryde
whales, but blue whales or sperm whales are possible too.).

After returning from sea volunteers will assist the researchers in photo –
evaluation and dolphin identification and receive basic training in cetacean
biology and photo-ID-methods.

The participant fee (which goes 100 percent to financing the field research)
for a full month participation is 2600 $US and covers your lodging,
breakfast and lunch, as well as all terrestrial and marine transportation in

Requirements for volunteers:

English language

Basic Spanish knowledge is of advantage but not necessary

Volunteers do not have to be biologists or students of biology – basic
training will be provided by Mundo Azuls research team on site.

In order to participate write to mundoazulorg at gmail.com or to
mundoazul at terra.com.pe
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