[MARMAM] Call for Proposals on Cetology

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A call for Proposals on Cetology

The Swiss Cetacean Society-SCS is an independent, non-profit, association
that sponsors field research in marine mammal sciences, for the purpose of
the conservation of marine mammals. The aim of our organisation is to
promote understanding of marine mammals to encourage conservation, thus the
SCS supports the logistics of environmental scientific programmes.
Our organisation has acquired, throughout the years, a solid background in
the logistics of scientific expeditions at sea.

The SCS main aim is to develop partnerships with specialised research bodies
for conservation purposes.

We also offer opportunities for marine mammal enthusiasts to work as
eco-volunteers with research scientists.

The Swiss Cetacean Society is now accepting proposals for fieldwork on
cetacean or sirenian biology, ecology and conservation projects.

Field-based projects directly or indirectly related to cetacean and sirenian
conservation are encouraged, e.g. :
1) Basic research on cetacean/sirenian ecology and biology;
2) Research on reproduction, behaviour and movement patterns;
3) PhotoID studies of cetacean and sirenian populations;
3) Studies of the impact of human activities on cetaceans and sirenians;
4) Studies that asses the impact of coastal pollution and development on
cetaceans and sirenians;

Grants range from $10'000 to $100'000 depending on project length and number
of volunteer participants involved.
A typical project might employ from 15 to 50 eco-volunteers over several
weeks or months, with 5 to 10 eco-volunteers each on 3 to 5 sequential
teams. Project teams normally spend 6 to 14 days in the field, as most
participants are on leave from their professional activities.

The SCS grants help cover the expense of maintaining research staff and
eco-volunteers in the field. The SCS does not provide funds for capital
equipment, principal investigator salaries, university overhead, or
preparation of results for publication.

Scientists, resource managers, those involved in marine mammal research and
conservation are eligible to apply. Professionals from any nationality, for
work in any regional area, are eligible to apply.
Project Managers or Investigators must oversee all fieldwork.

All preliminary proposals should be received within the next two months;
please give 30 days for reply.
The anticipated dates for the projects will be 6 months in advance.
If accepted full proposals will be required.

Please address all correspondence to:
Max-Olivier Bourcoud (chairman)
E-mail: scs1 at vtxnet.ch

Swiss Cetacean Society - SCS - A concept for the protection of marine
SCS is a non profit NGO providing services to the marine mammal research and
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