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Thank you all for such a great response to my first-time query on this list
serve.  I will answer each respondent by separate email.  Below is a quick
description of what I am up to.  I am not affiliated with any organization.
I am a retired technologist with some underwater measurement experience
during my working life.  My wife and I support several NGOs in the Peruvian
Amazon and are involved in environmental issues in that area.  Inia is a
threatened species and is extremely hard to count thus my mission.  

Since 2007, I have made three trips to the Peruvian Amazon where I have
collected underwater sounds from Inia geoffrensis.  I have made recordings
on the Main Amazon, Nanay, Itaya, Napo, Maniti, Pacaya, Yarina, Tahuayo
rivers  and numerous smaller tributaries and lakes.


My working hypothesis is that by using sufficiently high acoustic sample
rates to resolve the spectral composition of individual dolphin clicks I can
capture waveform combinations unique to an individual animal.  My reasoning
is that these energetic pulses, formed in the animal's melon and associated
complex musculoskeletal structure, are unique to each individual much as a
fingerprint is to a human.


My objective is to determine if it is feasible to capture acoustic
characteristics that are unique to each individual (click print) with the
long term goal of developing a mobile individual counting system.  So far I
have recorded some interesting vocalizations and many click trains along
with very high amplitude pulses (ultrasonic but not clicks) possibly
associated with feeding behavior.  I have not found anything in the
literature that describes these energetic pulses.  In short I have many
gigabytes of acoustic data recorded in proximity to these animals.  I use a
SQ 26-07/08 Hydrophone from Cetacean Research Tech (Joe Olsen) and a
Microtrack  24/96 Digital Recorder set at a 96KHz sample rate.  This limits
what frequencies I can analyze to about 46KHz.  Inia clicks have been
measured in more controlled conditions to at least 105KHz and possibly much
higher so I know I will need to expand my sampling and recording
capabilities.  . I keep a log of GPS position, river conditions and visual
observations during each recording.


I consider the last three years work to have been a reconnaissance and am
now trying to decide what to do with the data and what the next step might
be.  I believe there is a good chance that something can be built that will
allow faster and more accurate counting of these incredible animals in the



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