[MARMAM] Seeking info on ingestion or entanglement of marine mammals in trash or derelict fishing gear

Vicki Cornish vcornish at oceanconservancy.org
Mon Aug 31 09:57:03 PDT 2009

Ocean Conservancy is reviewing and compiling information on ingestion or
entanglement of marine mammals in ocean trash and/or discarded, lost, or
abandoned fishing gear. 


We have compiled a fairly extensive bibliography, but would be very
interested in any additional information that may be harder to find,
such as information in theses/dissertations, "gray" literature,
government reports, or other publications with limited distribution. We
would also be very interested in any anecdotal information you would be
willing to share. 


We would be happy to share the bibliography we have compiled so far with
other interested researchers, conservationists, and educators.


Thank you for your help, and I hope to see you in Quebec! 


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