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Mark Baumgartner mbaumgartner at whoi.edu
Mon Aug 24 09:57:34 PDT 2009

Workshop Announcement:  "Ecological Modeling For Marine Mammalogists"
October 11, 2009
Québec City, Canada
Québec City Convention Center, Room 2000A
Registration Fee: $30 US (register here)

"Ecological Modeling for Marine Mammalogists" is a one-day workshop  
that will be held prior to the 18th Biennial Conference on the Biology  
of Marine Mammals in Québec City, Canada.  The workshop follows on the  
very successful 2005 workshop "Application of GIS and Spatial-Temporal  
Modeling for Marine Mammal Science and Management," and will represent  
the fifth Biennial workshop devoted to modeling.  There is tremendous  
interest in applying statistical modeling techniques to the  
quantitative assessment of marine mammal distribution and habitat use,  
and our workshop seeks to explore both traditional and the latest  
methodologies.  Our goal is to bring together practitioners that can  
share their experience with various approaches to ecological modeling  
by addressing topics ranging from collecting data, selecting the  
appropriate model, evaluating the model's results, and applying those  
results in a management scenario.  The workshop format will consist of  
formal presentations followed by extended discussions during which  
particular methodologies can be fully explored by all participants.   
In addition to an overview of modeling techniques, we will have  
sessions focused on the analysis of movement data (primarily from  
satellite tracking data) and on the analysis of presence-only  
occurrence data (primarily from passive acoustic monitoring  
applications, but also from non-standardized sighting data such as  
whale watching and historic whaling records).  In 2005, we introduced  
the Project Forum wherein students and less experienced researchers  
presented their projects and discussed the statistical challenges they  
are facing with an expert panel.  We will bring this useful forum back  
in 2009 as a poster session to encourage increased interaction among  
the workshop participants.

We are accepting abstracts (max 300 words) for posters outlining  
research that addresses applications of statistical tools and modeling  
approaches for marine mammals.  We are particularly interested in  
poster presentations by students seeking input and discussion on  
statistical methodology.  These posters will be used in a session, as  
described above, where other researchers, including the workshop  
organizers, can supply feedback or advice.  We also welcome posters  
that discuss innovative tool and/or model development.  Please send  
abstracts by Sept. 14 to Ellen Hines at ehines at sfsu.edu

Workshop organizing committee:
Mark Baumgartner
Ed Gregr
Ellen Hines
Kristin Kaschner
Kristin Laidre
Daniel Palacios
Kathy Vigness Raposa

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