[MARMAM] SMM Workshop - Saving An Individual, Protecting A Population, Conserving A Species

Barbie Byrd Barbie.Byrd at noaa.gov
Mon Aug 24 12:18:34 PDT 2009

We would like to invite you to participate in the workshop, *Saving An 
Individual, Protecting A Population, Conserving A Species, *preceding 
the 18th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals.  Please 
see below for details.  Space is limited so if you are interested, 
please register at 

Saving An Individual, Protecting A Population, Conserving A Species  * 
Proponent: Barbie Byrd and Janet Whaley, National Marine Fisheries Service
Date: 11 October, Full Day
Room: 208A

Marine mammals that are perceived as "out-of-habitat" or in peril, but 
are not stranded, pose complex challenges to agencies and groups 
responsible for determining and implementing the best course of action.

Public and political pressures often result in interventions that are 
not justified based on the health of the population in question.  In 
addition, stranding networks and regulatory agencies may potentially be 
faced with an increasing number of out-of-habitat cases if marine 
mammals (or their prey) shift distribution patterns and inhabit "new" 
areas in response to population-level or ecosystem-wide changes.  While 
protocols for stranding response are well-developed, and some of the 
same principles apply, protocols for out-of-habitat events are usually 
developed ad-hoc and based on lessons learned from a handful of prior 
cases.  The ad-hoc nature and resulting inconsistencies of responses to 
past events highlight the need for specific criteria to help in the 
decision-making process and to support decisions in the face of dissent.

The biennial provides an opportunity for attendees who have dealt with 
similar situations to gather together to share experiences and help 
shape guidelines for future use.  We propose a 1-day workshop involving 
international participants and incorporating a range of perspectives 
from academic researchers, animal welfare and environmental NGOs, and 
relevant regulatory agencies.

The workshop will begin with an overview presentation outlining the 
structure and goals of the workshop, a presentation on relevant 
governmental regulations, and 8 20-minute presentations reviewing past 
case studies.  In the afternoon, participants will be separated into 
breakout groups for about 2 hours to discuss a particular topic.  
Afterwards, each group would provide a critical review of their topic to 
all participants.  Their analyses will be incorporated into draft 
guidelines (consensus or range of opinions) to provide criteria for 
evaluation of future events and determination of the most appropriate 
responses.  A draft report will be circulated to participants for 
comment.  A final version will be distributed following incorporation of 

Costs: $35 USD prior to 15 Aug; $45 USD after this date.  Morning and 
afternoon refreshments will be served.  Please make checks out to "The 
Marine Mammal Center" and write "Workshop at 2009 SMM Conference" in the 
memo line on your check.
Send checks to:
    Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program
    NOAA/NMFS/PR2  Room 13658
    1315 East-West Hwy
    Silver Spring, MD  20910USA

Thank you.
Barbie Byrd and Janet Whaley

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