[MARMAM] Symposium on SPLASH and other Ocean Basin studies of humpback whales planned prior to Marine Mammal Conference in Quebec City

John Calambokidis Calambokidis at cascadiaresearch.org
Wed Aug 19 00:39:49 PDT 2009

Ocean basin studies of humpback whales: a Symposium highlighting the results of the SPLASH Project
A one-day symposium is planned for 11 October in Quebec City focusing on the results of SPLASH and other ocean-basin studies of humpback whales. SPLASH (Structures of Populations, Levels of Abundance and Status of Humpbacks) is a large international effort to cooperatively assess the status, trends, and population structure of humpback whales across the entire North Pacific and to identify potential human impacts to this population. The project represents an unprecedented collaboration of over 400 whale researchers from 50 organizations working cooperatively to study and protect an endangered species whose broad movements cross many international borders. In part this will be a way project participants to see "their" results, and share them with other interested parties, including; scientists studying other humpback populations and/or other Oceanic species with similar distributions and logistical challenges. We are soliciting presentations from some of the participants involved in SPLASH including more regionally focused analyses as well as from other complementary humpback studies involving ocean-wide collaborative studies.  In addition, the group intends that these findings, along with potential recommendations for future actions be shared, not only with the scientific community, but also with managers and policy-makers. The format of the Symposium would primarily be a series of speakers at a podium, with projected PowerPoint presentations.  However, there will be a panel at the end of the presentations, to address questions and identify key recommendations arising from the findings.
There is no cost for attending and please register for the conference through the Marine Mammal Society Conference Workshop Registration (http://www.marinemammalscience.org then select Conference, then Program, then Workshops and Symposia). There is some travel support available thanks to funding from NOAA's Office of Marine Sanctuaries, and the tri-national Commission for Environmental Cooperation for SPLASH participants from the countries involved. This will be prioritized for SPLASH participants especially those involved in analyzing results and planning to present their findings at the Symposium. Please submit proposed titles of presentations to David.Mattila at noaa.gov. Requests for travel support should be sent to Calambokidis at CascadiaResearch.org with a CC to David.Mattila at noaa.gov, john.k.ford at dfo-mpo.gc.ca, and jurban at uabcs.mx. Please include name, participation in SPLASH, brief reason for attending including if proposing a presentation, and estimated support sought (can include best coach airfare at advantageous-restrictive classes, local transportation at $120 for the entire trip, hotel accommodation for up to 2 nights at one of the less expensive off site conference hotels, and daily expenses of $75/day for food and incidentals for max. of 3 days).

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