[MARMAM] Announcement for Workshop before 18th Biennial Conference: Research, Management Conservation, and Policy in Monk Seal Recovery: A Global Perspective

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Fri Aug 14 16:43:36 PDT 2009

Aloha Marmam Readers-

We would like to announce the following workshop taking place before the
18th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals.

Title: Research, Management Conservation, and Policy in Monk Seal
Recovery: A Global Perspective

The 18th Biennial Conference will provide a unique opportunity for members
from the various Hawaiian and Mediterranean monk seal programs to come
together with some of the greatest minds in the marine mammal field to
discuss and share their knowledge, forge new ideas, and develop critical
plans and partnerships.

The meeting will allow conference participants to learn about the different
ecological, sociological and political aspects of monk seal recovery.  Monk
seal experts will give presentations on a number of topics including
conservation genetics, disease research and prevention, impacts of climate
change, and enhancement activities. The panel will participate in a brief
question and answer sessions that will be followed by an open discussion.
Much of the discussion will focus on current research and management gaps to
encourage collaborations between workshop participants. Through a series of
discussions with broad participation we will develop plans for future
research and management actions. Afterward, a workshop report will be
prepared and made available on the web to be used as a tool for potential
collaborators to develop projects with the various monk seal programs. We
invite anyone that might be interested in endangered species research and
management, collaborating on future projects, or curious about the plight of
these two species to attend.  We are currently finalizing the agenda and
will forward it in our second announcement.

Date: October 10, 2009

Time: 9am - 5pm

Location:  RM 207

Cost: $40 US

Registration cost will include morning and afternoon coffee and lunch at the
workshop.  Our lunch break will involve a poster session that will allow
participants to mingle and discuss a broader suite of topics than could be
covered in a one day workshop.  Payment details will be provided shortly.

Space IS limited due to room size so please register early.

If you are interested in the workshop or have any questions please email
us at: MonachusWorkshop at gmail.com

If you have a poster that you feel would be relevant to this workshop
(monk seal related or a technique that could be valuable for monk seal
research or management) please let us know by Sept 4.

Hope to see you there.

Charles Littnan, Alexandros Karamanlidis, Pablo Fernandez de Larrinoa, and
Lisa Van Atta.
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