[MARMAM] Info request for Fixed PAM review paper

Renata S. Sousa-Lima rsl32 at cornell.edu
Fri Apr 24 08:24:52 PDT 2009

Dear list-members:

We are writing a review of fixed passive acoustic monitoring (PAM)
technologies for marine mammals and automated detection and classification
methods that can be used to process the large amounts of data collected
from these systems.  The review will consist of the following topics:

   1. Fixed Autonomous Underwater Recorders
   2. Fixed cabled and radio-linked hydrophones (and hydrophone arrays)
   3. Automated detection & classifications methods (e.g. computer

We are requesting information from list-members on these technologies and
techniques, particularly those that may not be published in the
peer-reviewed literature and/or products or efforts that are not otherwise
easily available.
In return we would be willing to provide anyone with information an
extensive bibliography on these topics as an endnote (bibliographic
database) or text file.

We have provided some additional details on each of these 3 topics below.

   1. Fixed Autonomous Underwater Recorders

Please include information about the development of the device; capability
to record other types of data besides sounds; ability to automatically
detect/classify/localize sounds; depth rating including maximum deployment
depth (m), instrument retrieval and deployment configuration; maximum
deployment time; maximum sampling frequency; type of power supply and
energy capacity; type of data storage; data format; microprocessor used;
custom software used, if any; examples of species studied; number of
channels; system configuration, including dimensions and weight,
deployment, and other retrieval issues; any known noise issues;
availability; and potential areas for further development.

   2. Fixed-cabled and radio-lined hydrophone systems

We are interested in information about commercial, non-profit and academic
efforts to develop, operate, and use fixed cabled hydrophones and
radio-linked hydrophones for monitoring marine mammal sounds.  We are
especially interested in reports and unpublished information about the
design and application of these technologies for marine mammal studies. 
Information about commercial products and services are welcome if they are
relevant to the topics listed above.

   3. Automated detection & classifications methods (e.g. computer

We are looking for information regarding software or algorithms that can
be used for the automatic detection and classification of marine mammal
sounds (ie whale calls, dolphin whistles, echolocation, etc).  Although
any details would be helpful, we are specifically interested in detailed
information about methods used and the success rate/false positive rate of
detection and classification algorithms, audio formats supported
user-friendliness of the software, whether the software can be used in
real-time, for post-processing or both, and availability and cost of the
software.  Also, any references or reports either describing the software
or studies in which it has been used would be greatly appreciated.

Please respond to: fixed.pam at gmail.com

We appreciate any replies.


      Tom Norris – Bio-Waves Inc

      Julie Oswald – University of Hawaii

      Renata S. Sousa-Lima– Cornell BRP

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