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Dear Marmamers,

I would like to inform you about a new paper recently published in ICES
Journal of Marine Science.

* D. Rocklin, MC. Santoni, JM. Culioli, JA. Tomasini, D. Pelletier and D.
Mouillot* (2009). "*Changes in the catch composition of artisanal fisheries
attributable to dolphin depredation in a Mediterranean marine
reserve*".*ICES Journal of Marine Science
*, 66(4): 699-707.

This article is available from:


There is increasing evidence from previous studies, and from fishers’
observations, that coastal dolphins use fishing nets as an easily accessible
feeding source, damaging or depredating fish caught in the nets. This study
investigates the impact of dolphin depredation on artisanal trammelnets by
analysing the catch composition of 614 artisanal fishing operations in the
Bonifacio Strait Natural Reserve (France). Common bottlenose dolphins
truncatus*) attacked, on average, 12.4% of the nets and damaged 8.3% of the
catch. However, attacked nets were characterized by statistically
significantly higher catch per unit effort than unattacked ones. Catch
composition also differed significantly after dolphin attacks;
bentho-pelagic fish were more represented and reef-associated fish less
represented. Our results suggest that (i) dolphins are attracted by high fish
densities in the fishing area and/or nets, and (ii) their attacks induce
specific fish-avoidance behaviour, according to the fish position in the
water column. Although dolphins depredate a small part of the catch, damage
to nets, not yet assessed in this area, could weaken the benefits that
reserves can provide to artisanal fisheries.

Best regards,
Delphine Rocklin.
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